All Our Stories

The All Our Stories funding programme by the Heritage Lottery Fund is about helping communities explore, share and celebrate their local heritage.  In July 2012 Ardchattan Parish Archive put in an application to the fund … and in November they have said YES !!

Our project is all about creating the foundation for developing and running a proper local history archive to celebrate our local heritage for Ardchattan. The project is funded to run until early autumn 2013, so there is a lot to pack in in a short space of time!

The aims of the project are:

  • Encourage more people in our community to join in learning and understanding about our Parish Heritage
  • Inspire more people from outside : nationally and globally : to visit the Parish
  • Collate what parish heritage we know of by creating a simple indexed catalogue of Parish Heritage material focusing on what we have, what are we missing and where other material might be. We can then in the future add new material in an organised fashion, and this will be a precursor to a full Archive.
  • Go for Walks around the parish to learn more about each place, to gather local lore and history from people and to record the basics of each place – images, structures, stories.
  • Hold talks to learn more about our local heritage from local and national organisations and experienced individuals.
  • Hold workshops to learn about the skills we need to run the Parish Archive
  • Learn about potential future projects.
  • Share what we know and what we have learned locally and to a wider audience.
  • Hold an exhibition in August to showcase what we have learned
  • Develop online sharing for example through our website, image galleries and an online forum.