The Archive

The Archive is the collection of material about all aspects of the people, places and history of the parish of Ardchattan.
We are slowly getting to make some sense of what we already hold, to learn more in the community, and to understand what records we have yet to find and where they are.

The aims are to

  • Create a Catalogue of the images, documents and records that we already hold.
  • Develop an encyclopedia of the Parish : this will be a place for everyone to contribute to.
  • Organising the images that we have into Albums online and at the archive, some images will be only available for researchers in the archive itself and others we will share online.
  • Create a Map of the area, present day and in layers through the past to help us understand the changes in our locality
  • Collect stories, lore, images, postcards, maps, books to help us learn more of the people and the places – to share and to study.

We have the foundation to the Archive.. we have a lot of ideas for future projects : this is just the start of many lifetimes work to learn about the fascinating place in which we live. The priority we give the projects will depend on what you in the community decide to chose.

We hope that you enjoy the journey we will be travelling together, and that lots of you whose ancestors lived and worked here come back “home” to learn more of the place you belong to.