Future Projects

All Our Stories project is the very start of decades of future activities and projects that will help us learn more about our Parish Heritage. Here are some of our ideas that could develop from the All Our Stories project:

ORAL HISTORY : recording stories, lore, family histories, and talks. These recordings will then have to be transcribed and archived. A powerful means to gather and share information.

GENEALOGY : collecting and collating the family histories of the Parish population. Sharing the family trees locally and online and connecting with descendants across the globe

PLACE HISTORIES : learn about the history and development of each location across the parish : built history : meanings of place names : images

INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITIES & OCCUPATIONS : for instance – Forestry / Farming / Railway / Skills

MAPPING : archive of the maps of the area, each location, online mapping.

IMAGES : create galleries; pictures of each location; specialist items like masonary; digitising donated images, Create a proper archive; Online and local sharing.

GRAVEYARDS : images of each gravestone, and transcriptions. Shared locally and online. Connect with national projects.

TRANSCRIPTIONS : there are lots of records to be transcribed and potential volunteers all over the world. These will need to be converted into databases that can be shared online.

FROM BIG BANG to PRESENT DAY : studying how the place has changed, the natural history, geology, and understanding the impact of regional and national events.

ADOPT A MONUMENT: Historic Scotland scheme supporting the community to look after and converse local heritage.. helps access prehistoric sites particularly.

PUBLICATIONS : there will be hordes of articles and stories to be written from the archive material in magazines of many kinds

RURAL LIFE : exploring how the people of the parish lived : what they ate, clothes, health, skills, etc.

ARCHIVE IN THE COMMUNITY : learn from Lismore. Visit locations, identify and catalogue what is held in the community.

LOCAL HISTORY ARCHIVE : create and run a full Archive – lots of skills to learn and work to do

HERITAGE SKILLS : develop the skills that we begin to find out about with the All Our Stories project like Field Archaeology,

OUT AND ABOUT : set up and take out Mobile Exhibits to local Events and Activities.

INTERPRETATION about the parish : develop interpretation points and opportunities around the parish – Sustrans, Core Paths, QR codes, Interpretation boards, Leaflets, Maps, Mobile Apps.

SHARING WHAT WE KNOW : develop all sorts of means of sharing the archive material online and locally .. websites, forum, wiki, galleries, maps etc

DATABASES : lots of work for those who understand databases to enable the sharing of what we will hold.

MUNIMENTS ROOM : The building that will allow the Papers of Barcaldine Estates to be brought home.

There are other estate records to archive and understand.

VILLAGE CENTRE : interpretation point at Benderloch.. could be developed into something more elaborate.

SEARCHING THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES : There are plenty of archives and collections that need to be searched for Parish relevant material – National Library of Scotland, Maps, Scottish Farmer, Mitchell Library, Newspapers, Estates, Images, School of Scottish Studies, Argyll & Bute.

ANCESTRAL TOURISM : we have an parish that is teeming with heritage from Big Bang to Present Day. We have lots of very high quality accommodation across the sectors. Ancestral Tourism is low impact, high value and an area we can help ourselves to encourage the diaspora across the globe to return home. There are opportunities to provide looking after visitors : booking accommodation, organising tours, family history research, maps and identifying centres of interest. Homecoming 2014 is a start.



All the Ardchattan Parish Archive Committee will be fully occupied delivering the All Our Stories activities this year, but if anyone else would like to take on and lead any of the above Parish Archive Projects in parallel we would be delighted to have you on board.

There is plenty of funding out there to explore.

We are also very keen to learn which of the above YOU consider the highest priority after All Our Stories ?