BT Upgrading work at Barcaldine Castle : road closed

BT upgrading work will be closing the road at Barcaldine Castle during the day of 14 – 18 June

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Turbine Testing Public open day 31st May

Sustainable Maritime Ltd will be  hosting two public information events in Connel Village Hall on May 31st – one from 13:00 – 14:00 and another from 19:00 – 20:00. They are inviting the local community and businesses to drop in to find out more about the project.

During each of the events there will be a presentation from Sustainable Marine Energy on the company, the technology and the PLAT-I Connel project as well as an opportunity for them to register any comments or concerns.

Several members of the company will be in Connel all day on the 31st and available in the hall for 1-on-1 meetings any time in between the two events.

If you would like to discuss anything with us in greater detail please get in touch with John McGlynn either by email or on the day to arrange a meeting.
John McGlynn
Orkney Project Manager / Commercial Lead – Platform Systems
Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd
Edinburgh Office: La Belle Esperance, The Shore, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6QW
Tel: +44 0131 285 4620
Skype: john.mcglynn.sme

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Temporary Tidal Turbine trial in Loch Etive September 2017

Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd is planning to site a floating tidal energy platform for 4-6wks in Loch Etive at Connel to test the equipment. This will not be connected to cables, nor is it to assess the loch, the eventual location equipment is for use elsewhere.

John McGlynn will be at Connel Community Council on the 30th May, after the AGM starting at 7.30pm, Connel Hall,  to give a talk about the trial.

Information from the company, and want to work closely with the local community to identify any impacts that the project might have on, and figure out how these can be mitigated :

PLAT-I is a floating trimaran (three hulled vessel) which has turbines suspended underneath. These turbines spin with the incoming tidal flow and generate power. The platform is moored to the seabed using four mooring lines and anchors. The platform then rotates about the moorings with the wind and tide – like a boat.

We are intending to moor PLAT-I for a month, in September 2017. We will have some operations for a couple of weeks before and after this, for installation and decommissioning. For this test we will not be exporting this power, so the platform is entirely self-contained; there will be no cables linking PLAT-I to the shore.

The test period will be short and we hope to cause as little impact as possible. We are very keen to work with other users of the area, such as yourself, to this end. The proposed site is to the SE of Connel Airport, as shown on the screenshot below. There is also an image of the PLAT-I platform.

Dr Penny Jeffcoate, Hydrodynamic Engineer
Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd
Edinburgh Office: La Belle Esperance, The Shore, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6QW
Tel: +44 131 285 4620 / DD: +44 131 285 4616 / Mob: +44 7817 266 197
Skype: pennyjeffcoate
www: Sustainable Marine Energy


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ACC May meeting 2017


Meeting to be held on Thursday 18th May 2017 to follow AGM at 7.30pm

Barcaldine Primary School
1. Apologies
2. Declarations of interest
3. Minutes of previous meeting held Ardchattan Primary School on 6th April 2017, previously circulated, to be approved
4. Police report
5. Matters arising not on agenda
6. Trunk road (A828) crossing at Lochnell School
7. Tralee Link Path update
8. Treasurer’s report
9. Secretary’s report
10. Health matters
11. Planning
12. AOB
13. Date of next meeting

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ACC AGM May 18th 2017


Meeting to be held on Thursday 18th May 2017 at 7.30pm

Barcaldine Primary School


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of previous AGM held in Victory Hall 10th May 2016, previously circulated, to be approved

3. Annual Business Report

4. Financial Statement

5. Election of Office Bearers

6. Any other Business

7. Date of next AGM

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Ardchattan Community Council April meeting minutes

Minutes of meeting held in Ardchattan School 6th April 2017 at 7.30pm
Present: Margaret Adams (Convenor), Geoffrey Miller (Vice-convenor), Tim McIntyre
(Secretary), Anne Hilditch (Treasurer), Lachie Strathern (CC), Robin Dodman (CC), Tony Dalgaty (CC), Jill Bowis (CC), Ashley Stones (CC), Sian Griffiths (CC), John Campbell (CC), Breege Smyth (CC); Cllr Elaine Robertson (from 8.15pm); 11 members of the public.
1. Apologies: Cllrs Kieron Green, Julie MacKenzie, Ronnie Campbell (CC), Colin Morrison (CC), PC Stuart Johnston
2. Declarations of interest: none
3. Minutes of previous meeting: held on 23rd February were approved subject to addition of
apologies from Sian – sent last time but email went astray.
4. Police report: none
5. Matters Arising: Crossing at Lochnell School: Following on from discussion at the previous meeting, about the safety of school children crossing the main A828 trunk road to Lochnell School, the community council agreed to follow up the issue with a view to holding a meeting between the school, parent council, police and roads authorities to discuss ways to improve the current situation. CC to contact these bodies to follow up.
Tralee Road: Road-end bollard has been hit again; also need to take up speeding/white lining on Tralee road with the council.
Rural Watch: Jill tried to register with Rural Watch but it needed a mobile number and a
landline – follow up with PC Johnston. Bonawe Quarry Liason Group: Geoff has circulated
the CC to suggest a meeting of the Liason group, but has not had a response from CC members.
It was felt that as there are no current issues, a meeting is not needed at the moment.
6. Recycling centre & Viewpoint: A suggestion has been made that the front fence be removed from the recycling area, in the hope of reducing fly-tipping and making the area easier to manage. Also some additional signage may help encourage correct usage of the facility. After discussion on the pros & cons of this proposal, it was agreed to take the fence down but leave posts in situ to allow it to be re-instated if necessary – Tim & Lachie to action. Benches need re-coating at the Viewpoint.
7. Tralee Link Path update: there has been progress in that the remaining landowner has now agreed to sign the Path Agreement. However, the funding which was in place has expired, so the result of a new funding application is awaited, expected late April.
8. Treasurer’s report:- Overall opening balance as at 23rd February 2017 3,156.13
less: electricity, Victory Hall (2.00)
Closing bal. General Fund 2,887.57
Defibrillator Fund 266.56
Overall closing balance as at 6th April 2017 3,154.13
9. Secretary’s report – Correspondence since last meeting:-
28/02: Draft handbook for Community Councillors
02/03: Notification of next Community Planning meeting, 27th April 6.30pm Corran Halls
06/03: Scottish Ambulance Service – registration of community defibrillators
07/03: A & B Council – work starting on revised Local Development Plan
17/03: Forestry Commission Barcaldine Forest Design open day 25th April 2-7pm Victory Hall
20/03: Sustrans – update on Route 78 south of Benderloch
22/03: Jolyon Gritton – funding available for improvements to paths
29/03: Holiday schedule 2017/18 for Connel Surgery
30/03: H & SC Partnership notes from meeting of Planning for the Future Group
02/04: Public enquiry ref. planning application at Benmore View, North Connel
03/04: Police Scotland 2026 consultation

10. Health matters (Robin): recent public meetings with hospital officials and staff have been very well attended. A new surgeon is now in post in Oban Hospital. A number of local medical facilities including Connel Surgery & LIDGH are defined as Training Centres which helps to bring trainee health professionals into the area. Health & Social Care integration ongoing.
Defibrillators (Tony): The Bonawe defibrillator is expected to be commissioned within the
next week, on the BT exchange by Kenmore Cottages. There is some funding still in place, and approximately a further £400 is needed to install the next unit. British Heart Foundation match funding will be available from May. Discussed briefly the need to provide some training once the unit is up & running. Training may be provided by Connel Surgery.
11. Planning: Plot 1 ACHA at Benmore View – residents complained that only only 4 households had received a letter about the development; however, this appears to be in line with the Council’s procedures on neighbour notification. Concerns were expressed about vehicular traffic through the estate for construction vehicles, given the narrow road width past existing residential properties. The land itself is peat and will require significant material to be both removed and taken in to the site, which is a locally valued wildlife area also. The proposed house is 4-bedroom and is felt to be out of keeping with the existing housing stock on the estate. Residents were advised to write individually to express their concerns to the planning authority, and that the planners would take all views into account, not just from those who had been formally notified.
12. AOB:
Lachie: is investigating costs for purchasing new flower tubs.
Anne: reported that a new elderly home care system is in place in the Ardchattan area.
Elaine & Robin were unaware of this and no further details are available at present.
Margaret: there have been reductions to the Oban to Fort William bus service, but updated timetables have not yet been issued and booking system is not updated either. Margaret will contact Citylink about this issue.
Glen Creran Quarry: Joy Blakeney enquired about progress on the application for a sand quarry at Glen Creran. Elaine advised that it is due to be considered at the June meeting of the Planning Committee, and will most likely be referred for decision at a Public Hearing later in the year.
13. Next meeting: 18th May Barcaldine PS; AGM at 7.30pm followed by ordinary meeting.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:15pm
If you would like to contact the Community Council, please write, email or telephone:-
Secretary: Tim McIntyre, Birch Cottage, Barcaldine, OBAN, Argyll PA37 1SG
Tel: 01631 720498; Email:

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Ardchattan Community Council 2016 AGM

Minutes of AGM held in Victory Hall 10th May 2016 at 7.30pm
Present: Margaret Adams (Convenor), Geoffrey Miller (Vice-convenor), Tim McIntyre(Secretary), Anne Hilditch (Treasurer), Robin Dodman (CC), Jill Bowis (CC), Gordon Wood (CC), John Campbell (CC), Tony Dalgaty (CC), Councillors Elaine Robertson and Iain A MacDonald;and 1 member of the public

1. Apologies: Sian Griffiths (CC), Ronnie Campbell (CC), Colin Morrison (CC), Councillors
elaine Robertson, Julie McKenzie and Iain S MacLean; PC Stuart Johnstone
2. Minutes of Previous AGM: held on 30th April 2015 were approved
3. Annual Business Report: Margaret presented a summary of the issues which the CC had dealt with over the past 12 months.
4. Financial Statement: the Secretary presented the annual accounts, which have been prepared by treasurer Anne Hilditch and checked by 2 auditors. The main items of expenditure during the year were the costs of venue hire for CC meetings, a donation to Club na Cairdean, plus printing costs for CC cards and maps in the village centre. The year-end balance is £3,103.97, a modest increase over the year.
5. Election of Office Bearers:-
The following CC members were re-elected to office, all unopposed:-
Chair: Margaret Adams
Secretary: Tim McIntyre
Vice Chair: Geoffrey Miller
Treasurer: Anne Hilditch
There being no further business the meeting closed at 19:55pm

Next AGM of Ardchattan Community Council:-

Date and Venue to be advised – April/May 2017

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Road works this summer !!

BEAR have the following road works planned ! which will all involve night closures. In recent times these have been well organised with convoys moving pretty well.. we have to hope this will continue.

23rd May road closures at Connel bridge for bridge works
24th May road closures at Connel bridge for bridge works and Port na Croish causing Glencoe diversions at the Bridge
10 days of this then
5th June ish road closures at Culcharran causing Glencoe diversions at the Bridge
for another 10 days
then for a whole bunch of July and August there will be MORE Glencoe diversions
16th July to 18th July;    Appin Hall to Tynribbie –
18th July to 20th July North & South of Keil House – ;
23rd July to 25th July North & South Creagan Roundabouts – ;
26th July to 27th July;  Benderloch Garage to 30s & Turning Circle –
8th August to 10th August;    Kentallen –
10th August to 11th August.  Ballachulish Hotel –

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Overnight Resurfacing work at Culcharran 24th May – 15th June

From BEAR – resurfacing works will be carried out at Portnacroish and Culcharan and are programmed to commence Sunday 24th May (10 days at Portnacroish, followed by 10 days at Culcharan) with an anticipated completion date of 15th June 2017.

Working 7 pm – 7 am – with diversions around Glencoe

FINAL Consultation Letter – A828 Portnacroish  Full details of the traffic management measures and timings of the works are shown in the attached letter and diversion plans – see link.

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The Best Plant Sale ever : Benderloch 20th May 2017

Plant Sale – Victory Hall, Benderloch from 2 pm

Bring your plants from 10 am



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