Glen Creran quarry – appeal against planning refusal

This has come in from the Glen Creran quarry protesters

Planning Application for Quarry and landfill in Glen Creran , Appin
We need the help of our communities to help once and for all to stop this appeal being accepted.
This application was refused by planners and was unanimously voted against by the planning councillors.
There was over 1400 objections , three community councils voted against it.
The quarry applicant on the very last day that they could submitted a appeal to the Scottish ministers , totally ignoring our communities wishes and local democracy. Would you please visit our website where you can object directly from there to the Scottish government.

Even if you have already objected previously send another message direct to the minister. We have proved by independent experts and confirmed by the planning department that is no requirement for another quarry or landfill in North Argyll. Let’s protect this most beautiful area for the enjoyment of all. Please promote this here and on the Facebook group what’s happening in Ardchattan . Thank you in anticipation for your help. 

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Community council October Meeting Minutes

Meeting held in Ardchattan Primary School 3rd October 2017 at 7.30pm
Present: Margaret Adams (Convenor), Geoffrey Miller (Vice-convenor), Tim McIntyre
(Secretary), Anne Hilditch (Treasurer), Lachie Strathern (CC), Robin Dodman (CC), John
Campbell (CC), Ronnie Campbell (CC); 8 members of the public.
1. Apologies: Jill Bowis (CC), Sian Griffiths (CC), Colin Morrison (CC), Breege Smyth (CC),
Tony Dalgaty (CC), Ashley Stones (CC), Cllrs Elaine Robertson, Kieron Green, Andrew
Vennard, Julie MacKenzie, PC Stuart Johnstone;
2. Declarations of interest: none
3. Minutes of previous meeting: held in Victory Hall on 22nd August were approved
4. Police report: none
5. Matters Arising: Sustrans Cycle Track Ledaig: No update – discussions ongoing between
Sustrans and landowners. Health – Margaret thanked Robin Dodman on behalf of the CC for
the work he has done over the years on the Health & Care Forum, from which he has now stood
6. Tralee Link Path update: Work has begun in earnest on construction of the new link section
between the cycle path and the Keil Road footpath. New passing places are also being
constructed as part of the project.
7. Closure of trunk roads due to accidents: letter received from Cairndow CC regarding
problems with road closures resulting from motorcycle accidents. In general, there is an
increasing problem with unscheduled and often long and highly disruptive closures – comments
made including increasing traffic volumes, poor condition of roads, lack of road policing
resources, drivers unfamiliar with the conditions, increasing requirement for post-accident
investigations (including for insurance purposes) and the lack of local availability of the
specialist equipment required. Geoff suggested that Police Scotland are lagging behind other
UK forces in the use of newer technologies e.g. dashcam footage as evidence of bad driving or
for immediate post-accident investigation allowing quicker re-opening of roads. Agree to write
to Cairndow CC to support general principles but disagree with focussing solely on
motorcyclists. Campbell Cameron suggested improvements to back road to Connel, e.g. extra
passing places etc. to make a more suitable alternative route.
8. Treasurer’s report:-
Overall opening balance as at 27th June 2017 2,660.98
Opening bal. General Fund 2,660.98
less: Compost for tubs (40.00)
Replacement tubs (260.00)
Hire of N Connel Hall (20.00)

Overall closing balance as at 3rd October 2017 2,340.98
9. Secretary’s report – Correspondence since last meeting:-
• Review of Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils
• Tidal generator test at Falls of Lora – in place November/December
• Petard Investments, Bonawe – advise that site will be fenced
• Home Energy Efficiency Scheme – grants available for insulation etc.

10. Health matters: Defibrillator: Location for the Benderloch unitwas discussed and it was felt
that Ford Spence Court would be best – CC to write to ACHA (Iona MacPhail). Hoping to
organise community information event to make people aware of the defibrillator and how to
use it.
11. Planning: Geoff following up continued queries over planning conditions relating to houses
west of The Haven. Mr Maxwell & Mr Mattison raised planning relating to wind turbine at
Culcharron – visual impact, noise. CC to look at plans and discuss a response.
12. AOB: Ardchattan School Building: open engagement day held on 1st Oct. to discuss
community’s wishes for the future of the school building. The day was successful with a good
attendance and a stong wish to see the building put to community use if possible. Next stage is
a meeting with potential funders, advisors and others who have undertaken similar projects,
hopefully in November.

Beinn Lora – forest trails expected to re-open around the end of October.

Anne – issue of no late bus to Barcaldine raised again by a resident. – pass to
councillors & request review.

Lachie – community buy-out Tralee Beach? Need to register an
interest. Suggested we arrange Community Plan meeting to discuss this and other possible
projects. Need to take the initiative or lose opportunities. Discuss further at next meeting.

Ronnie: Annual donation to Club na Càirdean £200 proposed – agreed.

DJ – waiting on results from speed monitoring equipment which has been in place for a couple of weeks. School pick-up point has been moved into school pitch which has improved things considerably. There has also been a good police presence in the village in the first few weeks of school term.
13. Next meeting: Thursday 16th November 7.30pm Barcaldine Primary School
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:30pm

If you would like to contact the Community Council, please write, email or telephone:-
Secretary: Tim McIntyre, Birch Cottage, Barcaldine, OBAN, Argyll PA37 1SG

Tel: 01631 720498; Email:


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Petard Investments Housing at Bonawe : fencing being erected

Paul Nicols of Bell Ingram has passed on a message in their role managing the building plots at Bonawe :
“We have a site next to the school on which we have planning consent for 5 houses. The sites have not sold and the site is somewhat overgrown and has become a dumping ground.”

“We intend to fence the site which will prevent further dumping, but will also prevent those storing items from removing them. I thought I should write to you so that you could inform the community of our plans. We anticipate that work will begin in around 3 weeks.”

For more details contact Paul Nicoll MRICS, Consultant

Bell Ingram LLP, Boswell House, Argyll Square, Oban, PA34 4BD

T: 01631 566122 D: 01631 567793 M: 07766 751 999

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Benderloch Book Festival starts 23 September

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Community Open Day at Ardchattan Primary School October 1st

What does the community want to do about the school at Bonawe ?

It has now been several years since the last pupil attended and it was put into mothballs. Sadly despite all efforts there is no demand to re-open it.

Ardchattan Community Council have organised an Open day for all to come and look around and have their say on what could / should be done with the building.


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TTidal energy scheme update Loch Etive

Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd ( is intending to conduct testing of a 250kW floating tidal energy system – known as PLAT-I – in Connel during the final quarter of 2017.
As a local stakeholder or otherwise interested party they invite you to attend a public update event that will be held in the Connel Village Hall from 8:30pm on Wednesday 20th September. The event is an opportunity to learn more about the project including, among other things, an update on build progress and proposed works in Connel as well as the recent award of a Marine License from Marine Scotland for this temporary deploymen
They hope that you will be able to join them and look forward to seeing you next week in Connel.

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Benderlochs Ellis is wowing with her earthy ancestral jewellery

Ellis Mhairi Cameron is being recognised as one of the countries top young silver jewellers.

In 2017 Ellis launched her debut fine jewellery collection; Ancestry. Ancestry stems from an interest in how our identities are influenced by our specific locations, environments and topography and how this forms social heritage. Ellis explores the theory of topophilia, the definition for a sense of place, with fragmented rock textures used to convey a sense of landscapes from the Scottish Highlands. The work also takes inspiration from the architecture of medieval Scottish buildings, of castles and ruined houses. Collaging subtle textures and forms, Cameron sets out to remake lost or imagined jewels from history. Seeking clients amongst the Scottish diasporas in the Americas, Australasia and across the globe, the jewels offer new treasures for contemporary lives.

Read all about her in La Maison Couture

and you can buy her stunning creations here


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Ardchattan Parish Archive Open Day Friday 6th October

As part of the Scottish first annual Heritage Awareness Day the Ardchattan Parish Archive will be open all day from 10.30 am at Kintaline Farm, Benderloch.

Come along to see what is in the archive : maps,  books, records, images ..

Share your family tree, learn some more family connections, find out about the places locally.

Bring images and records to be scanned, donations of these are very welcome to learn from and share.


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Tralee Link Path begins

It is a delight to see the work starting to create the Tralee Road Link path down to the Sustrans Safe Route to School. This will mean our local youngsters no longer have to use the narrow bridge over the railway but can safely drop down from the pavement along the Tralee road, on to the Sustrans recreational path.

Tourists will also be able to join the Sustrans route, taking them south to the village centre, or north on for a lovely walk or cycle around the block or on towards Barcaldine.

Many thanks go to the tireless efforts of the Community Council, Sustrans and the Council and shows what happens when the community works together.

There will be some temporary delays at this section of the road, but it will be all worth it.

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Outdoor Emergency First Aid Course

Trainer from British Association of Ski Patrols
2 day course : Sat 28th / Sun 29th October 2017 (9 – 5)
North Connel hall
£90 per person
Contact Argyll and Bute Council Adult Learning
01631 572974

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