Tree O’clock in Ardchattan – going for the record

The BBC Breathing Spaces campaign has created a national challenge and several of our local schools have signed up to take part.

The aim of Tree O’Clock is to set a world record of planting the most trees in one hour – but the real purpose is long term, not just getting trees into the ground but nuturing them so as many as possible survive and thrive, to provide enhanced habitat for wildlife around us.

Tree O’Clock is  part of national tree week, and happens on  Saturday, 5th December, 11am – 12 noon.

These links, from the BBC site, give more info on why to plant a tree and other faqs.

According to the ForArgyll site, Ardchattan and Lochnell schools have signed up, and Argyll and Bute Council, with Lower Clyde Greenspace, is donating 550 free Rowan, Crab Apple and Hawthorn trees to the local schools and organisations. Our primary schools already have a great track record for good environmentally positive projects, having been awarded a variety of Green Flags in recent times.

Participation is not limited to local schools, and if you want to get involved is very welcome and should simply register at the Tree O’Clock website.

So far, organisers have secured pledges from schools, community groups and other organisations to plant nearly 265,000 trees across 67 council areas. To be successful, over one million trees will need to be planted in the one-hour slot. If you want to get involved through an organisation, school or community group, or if you want to plant more than 5 trees, see the Tree O’Clock Partner page.

Have fun and break a world record in 4 easy steps:
Step 1. Get a tree
Step 2. Plant your tree
Step 3. Take a photo
Step 4. Email your photo
And enjoy your tree for decades.

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