Coping with this prolonged wintry weather

How is everyone coping with this unusually prolonged spell of cold wintry weather?

Are all the roads being gritted that you think should be?

Do you have grit hoppers full and available for the local folks to deal with the ungritted places?

We certainly are better served than southern parts of the country, with the main roads, and some of the busier smaller roads being kept open but there are reports in that some places, like Etive Park, have been left without any gritting at all, and have become very dangerous.

Update : locals have been working hard to move the grit from the hopper along the road to keep neighbours safe.

Another place to be very careful is on the Barcaldine / Bonawe road, just below the junction to the Achinreir houses and Lochandubh kennels is. Although the road is being well gritted a constant supply of water coming from the fields is becoming sheet ice quicker than the gritters can cope with. This drainage issue was brought to the councils ‘attention and will be flagged up to the roads department again this year by the Community Council.

The photos below show some of the extent of the problem, take care there. (images copyright AH)

WHERE ARE THE GRIT HOPPERS in the parish? email us  at the Observer and we will add the locations to the local services directory.

How are the other services coping?

– report in that water supplies may be being disturbed, fortunately temporarily, but is anyone else having problems?

Do you need anything?

And Remember to keep an eye  on any less fortunate, or less mobile, neighbours. Just walking around the outsides of a house can be treacherous enough.

December 28, 2009   Posted in: Community, Weather

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