Grit for the rest of the winter and grit bins for next winter

Where are supplies of Grit needed, for the rest of this winter, and for future cold winters?

The council are awaiting delivery of more grit, and if you can let the Community Council know where there are shortages, they can liase with Argyll and Bute Council to get supplies where they are needed, hopefully.

The Council also have more additional grit boxes on order, to be deployed at locations that caused difficulties for residents during the recent spell of Arctic conditions.

A couple of areas have been identified to the community council, that “ran out of grit” for the use of residents for treating roads and pavements.

The council’s roads department, in collaboration with the community council are seeking suggestions from residents for the location of those additional bins and grit, in public and non-adopted “private” roads.

If you experienced particular difficulty, and wish your area to be considered for additional grit bins, please let us know.

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