Ardchattan – up close and personal

Having, for years, only had a fuzzy topographical coverage by google maps, it seems that we have now joined the rest of the UK.

Google Street view has just been updated, now covering around 95% of the country, they say.

If you go to and put in a location you are interested in.

Then you simply take the wee man who is at the top of the zoom in / out bar to the left of the image and walk him over to the road you want to see and drop him there.

Low and behold, if they have the images, you can see them. !

You can walk along the road by clicking on the arrow in the line that appears, or move faster by double clicking on the line further along.

From the images up at the moment our calculated guess is that Benderloch area was done in April 2009, but there is reports that the google van was in Ardchattan, along Glen Salach and Bonawe only the other week as well.

March 12, 2010   Posted in: Barcaldine, Benderloch, Bonawe, North Connel

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  1. Elaine - March 13, 2010

    …we’ve spotted a Google camera-car driving through Benderloch twice this week…

  2. editor - March 13, 2010

    oh bother, the images up just now are all pretty with the bobbing daffodils. This is just a bit early in the year . Mind you, the light is good.

  3. Steve Eccles - March 14, 2010

    I’ve put a Google map with Streetview on my Benderloch blog
    You can click the arrows to travel around the area as described in the article above and pan and zoom the images. But beware – its highly addictive!

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