Loch Etive meeting – Natural and Historic Environments

The third meeting of the Loch Etive ICZM was all about the Natural Heritage and also the Historic Environment.
background to ICZM

There was a useful run down of how the process is working for those of us who had not been able to get to the previous meetings, and feedback on some queries raised at the last one.

An important note was that concerning how much land alongside the loch would be affected by the provisions of Management Plan in the future – the answer seemed to be that this would be fluid, depending entirely on what the activity was, and what its affect could be on the Loch and what the Management plan deemed necessary to protect.

Also that although there is a Local Development Plan being developed, it will be a much simpler document in the future, and it will be the Plans such as this which will inform and direct activity on the Loch in the future. SEPA do have a strategy too, but their remit is far narrower than this will be.

The minutes of previous meetings and so on are on the Argyll and Bute website

The attendees were then split up into a couple of groups with large maps of the area. These had some information as to where certain species of wildlife were to be found, but we were asked to identify where we knew of others. There was a great response, with places that support alsorts of birds, plants and animal species being noted. All this information is being collated so as to be able to help protect sensitive areas, and so any human activity in the future has to take the needs of our local wildlife into account.

The hydro scheme at Esragan shows just how well this can be done, where the people involved recognise the sensitivity of certain wildlife, and that the area is home to very rare species, yet with care and attention to detail, the human needs can be fulfilled as well. In fact, the new habitats created by the work on the scheme were very rapidly exploited by new, rare, species.

The same process was undertaken for the Historic Environment, and again, a number of sites of importance and interest were identified by the local residents.

After a break for refreshments were two further workshops

One : –  to discuss what opportunities and what constraints there are at present, or might be in the future for both the natural and historic environments of Loch Etive and its neighbouring land. There was much interest in having much more information available for locals and tourists alike, with more interpretation, reporting and even having a local history centre for all our heritage.

Two :- to identify these Natural and Historic environments interact with other interests and activities; whether this was a positive, neutral or negative effect.

All the responses will be collected up and used to inform the management plan process. It is hoped that those running the process will also begin to use the three parish websites that bound the Loch.

As this consultation is on-going, if you have information that you think should be included the person to contact is : –

Mark Steward  mark.steward@argyll-bute.gov.uk
Marine and Coastal Development Manager    Argyll and Bute Council     T: 01631 567972
It is important that you do, they need to have all the information to hand to create the fullest appraisal.

If you were at the meeting, what was your impression?

If you were at the previous meetings, it would be great to have a report of what went on at them.

The next meeting is on the 30th April and covers Commercial uses, water quality and renewable energy.

If you would like an agenda which describes in detail the workshops and questions being asked so you can be prepared, then let the council officers know.

Presentation Loch Etive ICZM Meeting held on 26 January 2010 (PDF – 1,573 kb)

PDF of the presentation Loch Etive ICZM Meeting on 26 January 2010

Record of Loch Etive ICZM Meeting held on 26 January 2010 (PDF – 103 kb)

PDF document of the meeting held on 26 January 2010

Record of Loch Etive ICZM Meeting held on 3 March 2010 (PDF – 691 kb)

PDF document of the meeting held on 3 March 2010

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