First Spring birds – incoming migrants

There is a lot of traffic in the skies with the wild geese passing over in skeins as they head off to their summer nesting grounds, and glorious warmth in the sun, but has anyone seen any of our incoming spring migrants in Ardchattan yet?

According to the Seil Natural History Group, there is already Swallows on Seil, and Willow Warblers singing.

We have heard cuckoos just about by now in previous years. But not yet this year. Although the thrumming of the snipe every evening is a beautiful sound.

However this wonderful weather and a following wind from the south may hasten them here.

What else would you be looking out for?

Wheatears? Sand Martins? Swifts? Sandpipers?

If you are a keen, interested bird watcher it would be great to have your observations through the year to share with other in Ardchattan – just send in what you see, and even better pictures, and maybe inspire others to be more observant in the environment around us too.

For others who want to know more about what is around the North Argyll area take a look at the Seil Natural History Group website – now this is a resource that it would be fantastic to emulate here for Ardchattan itself. В  ANY VOLUNTEERS ???

April 13, 2010   Posted in: Community, Environment, Nature, Weather

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  1. KF - April 18, 2010

    Swallow seen over Tralee area this morning

  2. editor - April 23, 2010

    Beppo heard his first on the 15th –

    Heard around Baravullin on the 20th

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