Minutes of Community Council meeting 5th November

Minutes of meeting held in Ardchattan Primary School 5th November 2015 at 7.30pm

Present: Margaret Adams (Convenor), Geoff Miller (Vice Convenor), Tim McIntyre (Secretary),
Anne Hilditch (Treasurer), John Campbell (CC), Jill Bowis (CC), Lachie Strathern (CC), Tony
Dalgaty (CC), Ashley Stones (CC); Cllrs Elaine Robertson & Iain A MacDonald; Kieron Green;
and 1 member of the public.
1. Apologies: Ronnie Campbell (CC), Sian Griffiths (CC), Gordon Wood (CC), Robin Dodman
(CC), Colin Morrison (CC); Cllrs Duncan MacIntyre & Iain S MacLean, PC Stuart Johnstone
2. Declarations of Interest: none
3. Minutes of Previous Meeting: held on 1st October, were approved.
4. Police Report: PC Johnstone sent apologies due to shift patterns, but provided a summary
report of Police matters since the last meeting, most of a routine/minor nature. No new policing
issues were raised at the meeting.
5. Matters Arising: Sustrans: Margaret reported on the official opening of the cycle path which
was well-attended. Tim had been emailed by Graeme Low with a detailed maintenance plan for
the Ferlochan to Benderloch section which has been the subject of complaints – work to be
carried out over the coming months. Knotweed – Jill – Council has been working for some
years on treatment of Knotweed – is there any report of this? Elaine to take this up with the
relevant department. Also Elaine to take up the Knotweed problem at Craigneuk Corner with
Sustrans at next steering group meeting.
6. Boundary Commission Proposals for Oban North & Lorn: A meeting of OLI community
councils took place in October at which the proposals were discussed and a group response was
submitted to the Boundary Commission – this has been acknowledged and awaiting response.
7. Victory Hall Car Park – surface has become degraded to the point where cars are grounding.
Elaine is following up with Sustrans on the basis that it is part of a ‘safe route to school’. A
grant of £15k has been obtained from Sustrans (must be used by March/April), for surfacing,
fencing, de-vegetation. Another £15k is required to do the work. There are not many sources of
funding for car park surfacing, so Elaine is looking for ideas – e.g. Victory Hall committee
could apply for funds? Lachie – height barrier would need to be in place to prevent rapid
deterioration. Elaine pointed out that this is a community benefit project, and the community
groups need to work together to resolve the problem. The ground is owned by Argyll & Bute
Council. Lachie will take this up with the Hall Committee to see if they would be willing to
8. Council spending cuts proposals – The council needs to find savings of around 5% overall in
each of the next 3 years, and has produces a ‘Service Choices’ document setting out the
possible ways in which the savings can be found. Kieron – Oban CC has submitted a response
on the Additional Support Needs (ASN) school staffing cut proposals due to the amount of
representation they have received. They will be holding an open meeting specifically on ASN
on 18th November & a general meeting about the cuts on 20th November in Kilmore & Oban
Parish Church Hall.
9. Treasurer’s Report:- no change since last time:-
Overall balance as at 1st October 2015 2,695.37
General Fund 2,634.69
Village Improvement Scheme Account 60.68

Overall balance as at 5st November 2015 2,695.37
10. Secretary’s Report – Forestry Commission (email 7th October) have kindly agreed to provide
new picnic tables for Benderloch village centre, and require some assistance with installation
which Lachie has offered. MacMillan Cancer Information Service (email 8th October) is now
looking to recruit volunteers to help provide their new service at Oban Library. Community
Planning – next meeting will be in Oban High School at 6.30pm on Thursday 19th November.
11. Health Matters: PPF meeting on 7th December 6.30pm in Oban Hospital. Elaine: Integration
(Health & Social Care) consultation is ongoing. Big cuts to be made. Closing date 16th
November. Tony is following up the defibrillator issue with Argyll Beats Cardiovascular
Disease. Margaret will contact Robin to find out what information he has from the earlier
investigations. Kieron: Hospital reviewing A & E services and reducing the number of beds in
some wards from 6 to 4 to comply with regulations. This leads to an overall reduction of 8
12. Planning: Dawnfresh have withdrawn the application for extension of Etive 4 following
comment and discussion with planners, and it is expected that a new design will be resubmitted
shortly. A new application for extension of Etive 6 has meanwhile been submitted,
adding an additional two cages to the ten already there. Tim to check on response deadline.
13. AOB: Connel Bridge – CCers met with Connel CC & BEAR re. electrical work on Connel
Bridge, following complaints about the highly visible orange junction boxes & cabling recently
installed on the bridge. The bridge is listed and no consent was sought for the work. BEAR will
come back with proposals and will keep us informed. Resurfacing work to be done shortly on
the south approach road to the bridge. Iain A: Community Broadband – ongoing – awaiting
information from Community Broadband & BT. Seminar in mid-November, following which
hopefully a group can be set up, with a view to service starting next summer. Gilly’s path –
suggestion that the CC could offer to fund a battery-operated hedge trimmer to assist Gilly with
maintenance of the path. Abandoned boat at Ardachy – owner has committed to removing it
properly next week. Elaine: date to be arranged with Breedons for liason group meeting. Oban
Airport Business Park consultation – master plan being worked on, but delays due to staff
illness. Bridge in Barcaldine – Anne wrote to Forestry Commission to ask if a pedestrian
bridge could be provided over the Dearg Abhainn burn near the old water intake. Reply was
that there is no funding available for a bridge, but FC will investigate the possibility of putting
a stepping stone arrangement in place. Locked gate at Tralee – not yet resolved.
14. Date & Venue for next meeting: 10th December, Victory Hall, 7.30pm – Elaine apologies in
There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:50pm
If you would like to contact the Community Council, please write, email or telephone:-
Secretary: Tim McIntyre, Birch Cottage, Barcaldine, OBAN, Argyll PA37 1SG
Tel: 01631 720498; Email: t_mcintyre@btconnect.com

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