MacIntyre Gathering 2018 – DNA genealogy project

Calling all McIntyre‘s and anyone with M(a)cIntyre ancestry !
Would you like to know how you are connected to each other and to the original Clan from Glenoe in Argyll and Skye in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland?
The Clan McIntyre Trust are planning the next clan Gathering, in Taynuilt, by Oban in July 2018.
As part of this Homecoming of the Clansmen and women, they have a volunteer project to connect up the genealogies of the families who are now scattered around the globe.
The main part of the Clan came down to Glenoe, in the upper reaches of Loch Etive, from Skye, and lived there for several centuries. Through the 1700’s the Clan began to disperse more and more to other parts of Scotland and foreign shores. By 1818 the Clan chief had also left for the USA and Glenoe was no longer McIntyre lands.
Family history is an ever growing hobby, and more people know their great grandparents.
The Clan McIntyre family project is keen to hear from anyone with McIntyre connections – whether close or far. but getting further back can be difficult, without clear records, or families moving about. To really learn which lines a family comes from, and to make connections further back in time, DNA testing is needed.
If you have already had your DNA tested please share your results, or if you would like to learn more about how to go about it, please contact the editor for more details.
The sooner they get the results the more comprehensive a study and family tree the Clan can create.

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