Ardchattan Community Council May meeting minutes

Minutes of meeting held in Barcaldine PS 18th May 2017 at 7.45pm, following AGM
Present: Geoffrey Miller (Vice-convenor), Tim McIntyre (Secretary), Anne Hilditch (Treasurer), Lachie Strathern (CC), Robin Dodman (CC), Jill Bowis (CC), Colin Morrison (CC), Breege Smyth (CC); Cllrs Elaine Robertson, Kieron Green, Andrew Vennard; 9 members of the public.
1. Apologies: Margaret Adams (Convenor), Tony Dalgaty (CC), Ashley Stones (CC), Sian Griffiths (CC), John Campbell (CC)
2. Declarations of interest: none
3. Minutes of previous meeting: held on 6th April were approved.
4. Police report: Community Report. Stuart advised that the police do not have any remit for school crossing patrols. He has asked the traffic department to cover the area as well, but resources are very limited. Stuart advised that before speed enforcement can be carried out, a risk assessment has to be done and that there may be risks associated with speed trapping near the school & junction. John Gosling suggested a fixed speed camera, but the costs rule this option out for the level of traffic locally. Jill advised she is still having problems registering with Rural Watch – Stuart said it seems to be working fine, so is mystified by this. Tim will try to sign up, to check if it works. Stuart said the response to the Rural Watch has been very poor so far in the local area. Stuart described the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers scheme – this gives high-school age youngsters the opportunity to find out about police work and get involved in their communities. They are looking to recruit approximately 14 children to take part in the local area. As well as useful experience, participation leads to Saltire Accreditation. Stuart has leaflets for anyone interested, and there is a Facebook page for the organisation.
5. Matters Arising:
Tralee Road: White lining – noted, will be done this year (Elaine). Speeding on the Tralee Road was then discussed. Elaine advised that the Council is surveying local roads/speed limits etc. CC to request a traffic management speed survey report on the road from Jim Smith, cc to ward councillors and Cllr Roddy McCuish (policy lead for roads & amenities). CC also to write to Scottish Sea Farms to ask them to circulate their employees asking them to drive with consideration – though lorries do not generally cause problems, comments were made about excessive speed of smaller vehicles on the road.
Recycling Area/Viewpoint: Lachie & Tim will remove the fence from the recycling area in the near future. Jill will ask Gary about re-coating the Viewpoint benches.
6. Trunk Road Crossing at Lochnell School: An email had been received from the Lochnell Parent Council, who are happy to take the lead in progressing improvements to the road safety outside the school, with the support of the Community Council. Elaine: Transport liason meeting is on 2nd June. Geoff mentioned a community speed watch scheme – volunteers who work in pairs, to measure speed and gather vehicle details. The details are passed to the Police. Letters are then sent to offenders on a rising scale according to the number of breaches. PC Johnston was not familiar with this scheme, but will look into it. Also suggested photos of children on road speed signs, as in Kilninver. Lachie asked: why was the decision taken to stop parents using the car park/turning circle in the first place? Those present, including councillors and police officer, agreed that it was questionable whether this had improved safety overall. Elaine: Could the service buses use the village centre turning circle once re-surfaced? Jill: a community member suggested rumble strips on the trunk road; however these can cause noise disturbance to residents.
7. Tralee Link Path update: Sustrans have agreed the replacement match-funding application, with Argyll & Bute Council funding the remainder. Landowner Path Agreements are almost completed. Hopeful of progress in near future.
8. Treasurer’s report:-
Overall opening balance as at 6th April 2017 3,154.13
less: 2-way gate latch for Ford Spence Court (45.90)
Closing bal. General Fund 2,841.67
Defibrillator Fund 266.56
Overall closing balance as at 18th May 2017 3,108.23
Reminder that the CC had offered to help with meeting costs of maintaining Gilly’s Path – Tim to contact Gordon Wood to ask Gilly.
9. Secretary’s report – Correspondence since last meeting:- 02/05: Road resurfacing overnight at Culcharron, early June 04/05: Letter of support sent ref. D J Campbell, N Connel increase in vehicle numbers 08/05: Consultation – temporary siting of tidal generator W of Connel Bridge 17/05: Lochnell Parent Council email regarding school crossing on A828 trunk road
10. Health matters: Robin: NHS locally are trying to find better ways to get information about local health services out to the public. There will be a session in the Corran Halls on 13th June with stalls and presentation. Following on from this, a series of monthly meetings with communities to discuss any particular issues.
Defibrillator: Now commissioned in Bonawe. There has been a query over whether the cabinet should be locked or not. For time being, Tony has posted the combination code on the cabinet. Stuart said that there are few problems with vandalism locally, and Appin have had no problems with their defibrillator. Code is C159X. The community council sincerely thanks all funders, and also Tony Dalgaty for all the hard work he has put in to the project so far.
11. Planning: Lachie: PMG services are being forced to leave their premises in D & J Campbell’s yard by planning department. Planning dept. originally granted permission for construction of a new workshop (by D & J Campbell) but now says that PMG’s operations represent a change of use. Kieron and Elaine have been meeting with planning officials to discuss. The planning process has now come to an end as the Scottish Government Reporter has already made a final decision that PMG must move from the site. Alternative site at airport: Kieron: problems with noise, and possible expansion of the airport, i.e. there is concern about limiting future airport expansion potential by designating the site as Class 5 Industrial. Planners will be doing a proper survey of the site shortly to establish the precise levels, however it looks unlikely that a permanent building would be permitted. (Oilfast installation was permitted, but all structures are mobile). Breege: suggested CC ask planning dept. how this situation arose. and to ask for CC consultation with enforcement actions.
12. AOB:
Colin: will write re. planning breach at airport sand pit.
Elaine: New administration has been formed and Policy Leads appointed. Elaine is Area Committee chair, Kieron is Policy Lead for Health & Social Care.
Anne: flower tubs – Dugald is to get back to Lachie regarding supply.
Campbell Cameron: expressed concern over creeping closing off of access to local areas – Craigneuk beach, Beregonium, signs saying ‘Private’, beware of dogs, etc. Margaret has
been looking into this. Also mentioned Tralee Beach – possibility for Community buy-out? Anne will contact Scotways to ask about access rights. Lachie will check if grazings committee have registered an interest in Tralee.
13. Next meeting: Tues 27th June, North Connel Hall
There being no further business the meeting closed at 10:00pm
If you would like to contact the Community Council, please write, email or telephone:- Secretary: Tim McIntyre, Birch Cottage, Barcaldine, OBAN, Argyll PA37 1SG Tel: 01631 720498; Email:

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