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Slowly but surely we are getting closer to superfibre through the Ledaig exchange.

Some many years since so many of us eagerly signed up for BT’s Infinity scheme which promised us Superfibre at the earliest opportunity there are now more cabinets being connected.

The enginneers were busy putting superfibre cables up on to poles around Barravullin last week.

Here is the latest update from Benderloch Broadband BlogВ 

Cabinet Summary – new cabinets LIVE! and new rollout dates

Cabinet 1В – in the village – has been live since Dec 2015
Cabinet 2 – Letterwalton/Pony Park/Tyree/North Benderloch IS NOW LIVE and ACCEPTING ORDERS!
Cabinet 3В – South Shian opp. Shenavallie junction – is apparently now LIVE, but not yet accepting orders. ETA Aug 2017
Cabinet 4В – (opposite Ardbhatan), towards South Shian is not yet connected for fibre and power, but new BT poles and overhead lines have been installed this week. ETA Jan 2017
Cabinet 5В – (Barcaldine, near junction with Glen Salcah) – not yet connected for fibre and power. ETA November 2017
BT availability checker shows cabinet 4 as still being connected. Cabinet 3 (Shenavallie) is activated but not yet accepting orders; presumably awaiting cabinet 4 to be wired up.

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