Lochnell School traffic calming measures

An update on the A828 Lochnell school road issue for the community from Lochnell Parent Council

Myself, along with Shirley Matheson, Bill Dundas and DJ Barr met with representatives from Transport Scotland and BEAR.
They came with options detailed in the attached pdf files (scanned copies rather than the originals, so hopefully you can see them ok.)
They believe that these measures will reduce the speed of traffic coming into the village and also make the school more visible, by “urbanising” the street markings.
They also have made a commitment to monitor speeds again once implemented to ensure it helps. This is a positive move forward. Not a crossing, but that was to be expected.
They asked us to consider which of these options we would like.
We asked for all of them.
They are going to take it to a formal planning stage and then get back to the community in the Autumn, when we can hold a larger meeting.
My summary of the drawings –
— Rumble strips heading into the village from the 3/2/1 marks
— Dragon’s tooth markings after this
— Then red hatching down the centre of the road – if road width allows
?– Reinforced red strips at 2 different points with speed and school markings
–Large Lochnell School sign – this can be our own design
–Yellow zig zag lines extending the whole length of school
— Yellow bus stop paint markings
–Widened crossing point with yellow bumpy /tactile edge paving
— Additional red strip near Victory hall next to flashing 20mph sign
I think this is a really positive move forward and will keep you all in the loop about the next meeting. Should the planning process all go okay, then I believe the work would be done sometime at the start of next year.
Please get in touch with comments or questions.

Beth Davies
Vice Chair Lochnell Parent Council

June 21, 2019   Posted in: Community

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