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An Online local newspaper and information source for everyone who lives and works in Ardchattan : villages of Barcaldine, Benderloch, North Connel, Bonawe, and all points between.


Come and Join in

The Ardchattan Observer is looking for all news and items that involve the people and places of Ardchattan.

If you read something elsewhere that you think others in the parish ought to know, send it in.

It might be something in the news this morning, that you want to know how it affects us here, or that triggers you to wonder if others are interested. If something bugs you, share it, you never know how many others might share your views.

  • If you have an event to publicise happening in Ardchattan, let folks know, w e have our own calendar here and don’t forget to keep sending in any updates,  news, and photos, of how it went and what you did.

If you are involved in a club or group then let the rest of us know what you are doing, drum up support, or just say Hi!, here is your chance.

  • If you are an organisation with connections to the area, or have information to share with the people here, or help for them, let us know

If you have a photo to share, a beautiful view, or something you think should be fixed, or just a pic of  something interesting.

We also need :-

  • pro / amateur / budding journalists, the Ardchattan Observer needs folks who can write!
    • produce articles, find news, sports reports, write up notes sent in.
  • local club and organisation secretaries – send in your contact and group details, let everyone know about your  events, news, and photos.
  • sports – people want to know about the club, training, competitions,  results, images, share your fun
  • news – what’s happening that affects local people,
  • trouble and strife – what is winding you up ? air your views, share your issues
  • specialist topics – do you have a special interest you can share with us, help us all learn more about our parish, and appreciate our surroundings better?
    • astronomy ; crafts; gardening; flora;
    • ecology, culture, language, business
    • geology; animals; religion; photography;
    • renewable energy; carbon footprint
    • ……….. what is your passion, share it!
  • local businesses – send in your contact details for the business directory – its FREE ! and also any news you have, special offers, new products, seasonal activities, changes in trading hours, what every your news, share it with your locals.

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