Ardchattan Observer would be far more interesting with more contributions from around the whole parish : who fancies being a contributor?
It would be brilliant to have more editors – then the whole site could be revamped.
The area is all the communities between Loch Creran and Loch Etive
What could we include ? : mostly anything about the area, the people, the present, the past, activities, events, issues, ideas, announcements, or just what people want to include

    • Send in your dates of regular and one off events
    • News from community groups
    • News from local business
    • Stories about issues, about people, about places, about events.
    • Nature Observations
    • Photos of the present and the past
    • Local announcements
    • Poems
    • Stories

With a few more editors we could design the site – update the business directory – create new facilities – celebrate our area

5 Responses

  1. Joy Cameron - April 14, 2010

    Laurel and Hardy came alive again for me on Tuesday 23rd March at Benderloch Victory Hall. For both old fans and those new to the pair’s antics, the play, performed by Mull Theatre, was a marvellous treat. Stan (Alasdair McCrone, director) and Ollie (Barrie Hunter) put us through their classic routines once more and relived their off screen lives as the two were cleverly intertwined in a journey through the decades of their partnership in this Tom McGrath play. The actors moved effortlessly through this slick,
    fast-moving play with dancing, singing, gags (some extremely funny) and some sorrow and heartache. Please see it if you can – a fitting tribute both to Tom McGrath who passed away last year and to Laurel and Hardy, that most lovable of comedy duos.

    Sue Greenwood Arts and Culture in Ardchattan

  2. Marjory BIckle - March 22, 2013

    Does any of your readers remember, the Mcintyre family that lived at Moss Cottage Cherry Tree Farm Benderloch.Long time ago, but I am trying to get a family tree together,I am the youngest of the four sisters..would be obliged for any information.

  3. Joy Cameron - April 17, 2014

    Hi Jill
    Wondered if you could include the info below in Ardchattan Observer.
    The annual North Connel and District Horticultural Society plant sale will be held in the Victory hall, Benderloch on Saturday 24th may – doors open 2pm.
    As always committee members, friends and families are planting, nurturing seedlings and cuttings and looking around indoors and outdoors for plants which might be suitable to include in the sale. The proceeds of the sale support local school gardening projects, fund the Annual Horticultural Show in August and promote growing a wide variety of plants in the area. If you have a surplus of plants or are happy to share some with the local community we’d be most grateful if you would bring them to the hall on the morning of the sale. Thank you.

  4. J Ballantyne - February 25, 2016

    Hello. I noticed a Gloria Young calendar mentioned online. Do you have any contact details for Gloria Young directly? Did she do a calendar for 2016?

    Thanks in advance

  5. editor - April 7, 2016

    Gloria did indeed produce a 2016 calendar
    I do not know if there are any spare.

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