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  1. Victoria - May 4, 2010

    Yesterday I was thrilled to see that there was information up on your site for the elusive Benderloch toddlers – as we have just moved to the area we have been finding difficulty trying to find any information about this group, even my HV didn’t know what day it was on. But you stated on this site it was Today May 4th 9.30am till 12 at Victory Hall. So we got up early and packed our stuff , baby in car and off we went , only to find the place locked up and deserted!!! So we pataiently waited until my wee one was getting rather fed up – no sign of anybody. Well is there a secret special door knock – or is it just the most difficult group to find out about. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. PLEASE HELP ANY MUMMIES KNOW WHAT/WHEN/WHERE. Maybe the toddlers group isn’t the best one for my 6mnth old but we wanted to chat to others to find out and don’t really want to have to trapse into Oban to a group.

  2. editor - May 4, 2010

    I am so sorry for your inconvenience.
    This was the info I was given – I will see if I can find someone who can update us all.
    This site is still new, and needs lots more people to join in with their times, dates and so on.
    Our aim is to be able to provide information for all in the parish, old, new, tourist and local alike.
    We have a long way to go. But we are working on it.

  3. Victoria - May 4, 2010

    OK thanks for your reply – any help appreciated.

  4. Terry Donovan - May 6, 2010

    I think the toddler group is on a Tuesday at 10.00 in the Victory Hall, although my children are much older now, I think that is still the day and time – you couldpop into the ore school nursery unti at Lochnell school as someone there would be able to tell you – you could try around 3.30 when children are picked up in the afternoon to get hold of paretns or carers

    Also there is rhythmic rascals, I think on a Wednesday at around 10.00-10.30, in the small hall behind St Modans Church in the middle of the village on the mainroad through – again a wee visit to the nursery would confirm days and times.

    They are both very suitable for all ages of smal children!

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