The sea has been a vital element of our community for centuries, ever since the last glacier in the UK crept its way back up Loch Creran some 8,000 years ago.

In fact, it would have brought the first species in to recolonise the new land. A landscape that had been stripped bare by the ice, destroying virtually all remains of the previous existance from the Big Bang to the Ice Ages, and then had millions of tonnes of new material deposited on it from hundreds of miles around.

Tree seeds and other plant life would wash up from the recovering parts of the country further south, and, as the ecology developed they would be followed up more species by sea and land, until the complexity was sufficiently restored to support Man once more.

From then on, the parish community have used the sea around our shores for communication, for food, and for protection. In modern times, we can add hobbies and associated businesses to this list.

Local Tide Information – links to BBC weather site

Barcaldine Pier ~~~~~~ В  В  Loch Creran Head ~~~~~~~ В  В В Connel ~~~~~~ В В Bonawe

Shipping Forecast – BBC website

Inshore Waters ForecastMull of Kintyre to Ardnamurchan Point – BBC website

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