Benderloch Badminton Club starts 13 September 2017

Benderloch Badminton Club
Wednesday nights
P3 – P7 6.30 – 8 pm
S1 – S6 8 pm – 9.30/10 pm
£1.50 entry
any ability welcome
rackets and shuttlecocks provided
tuck shop
Come along and give it ago : Wednesday Nights
Victory Hall Benderloch from 13th September 2017

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BEAR change the plans for the road works on A828 in September

U-turn on planned A828 road closures after public outcry

‘The original plans required up to 10 daytime closures of sections of the road. After reviewing all feedback from more than 100 responses, a new reduced programme of improvements has been prepared which will see four of the original 14 projects carried out, with a further six projects to be phased throughout the remainder of the current financial year.

‘The four larger resurfacing schemes requiring road closures have been postponed and with the aim of reprogramming under multiple night-time road closures in the future.’

‘The new programme will be carried out from Monday September 18 over six days at different sections of the route. The road will remain open throughout the improvements. However, a 10mph convoy system will remain in place for light vehicles only to ensure the safety of roadworkers as well as motorists.

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Superfibre has come to much more of Benderloch

The superfibre cabinets around the Tralee, Baravullin, Letterwalton, Ponypark area have finally gone live connected with overhead and underground cables to each house.

Those closest will get 80Mbps .. with the speed reducing with distance from the cabinets.

You can find out what cabinet you are connected to and what speeds you will get using this website :

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BEAR daytime road works consultation

keep on sending in your concerns and issues to BEAR over their plans for daytime road works in various locations in our parish through September

full details

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Benderloch Broadband

Slowly but surely we are getting closer to superfibre through the Ledaig exchange.

Some many years since so many of us eagerly signed up for BT’s Infinity scheme which promised us Superfibre at the earliest opportunity there are now more cabinets being connected.

The enginneers were busy putting superfibre cables up on to poles around Barravullin last week.

Here is the latest update from Benderloch Broadband Blog 

Cabinet Summary – new cabinets LIVE! and new rollout dates

Cabinet 1 – in the village – has been live since Dec 2015
Cabinet 2 – Letterwalton/Pony Park/Tyree/North Benderloch IS NOW LIVE and ACCEPTING ORDERS!
Cabinet 3 – South Shian opp. Shenavallie junction – is apparently now LIVE, but not yet accepting orders. ETA Aug 2017
Cabinet 4 – (opposite Ardbhatan), towards South Shian is not yet connected for fibre and power, but new BT poles and overhead lines have been installed this week. ETA Jan 2017
Cabinet 5 – (Barcaldine, near junction with Glen Salcah) – not yet connected for fibre and power. ETA November 2017
BT availability checker shows cabinet 4 as still being connected. Cabinet 3 (Shenavallie) is activated but not yet accepting orders; presumably awaiting cabinet 4 to be wired up.

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Creran Quarry Planning committee meeting Wed

Argyll and Bute Planning committee will meet next Wednesday to hear the Glen Creran Quarry planning application.

In view of the massive community response to object to this development it is expected this will be referred to public hearing in September

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Community Council review

Argyll and Bute want to hear from you with regard to reviewing our Community Councils

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Soils Composting and Sheet Mulching Workshop 9-10 September 2017

Ludwig Appeltans, Earth Ways, will be leading a permaculture weekend workshop at Kintaline Farm, Benderloch
September 9 – 10 2017

Topic for this course is : Soils, Compost and making Lasagna beds (sheet mulching)

  • Learning about growing food inevitably starts with building soil.
  • Come and learn how to create a soil abundant in life with a rich variety of nutrients.
  • Help your plants to be healthy and nutrient dense.
  • Discover how a good soil helps your plants to be disease and pest resistant and how a good soil helps to prevent unwanted weeds.
  • The workshop includes a hands-on session on building a lasagna bed: From lawn to veg bed in no-time.  workshop will be in a polytunnel to protect us from the weather.


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Road Re-texturing at Ledaig / Moss road starts tomorrow

BEAR Scotland, working on behalf of Transport Scotland, are proposing to carry out essential retexturing works on sections of the A82, A828 & A85 Trunk Roads.

Works are programmed to commence tomorrow, Tuesday 8th of August 2017 and are expected to be complete by Sunday 13th August 2017.

Details of the traffic management arrangements and timings of the works are detailed in the letter attached.  Consultation NW Retexturing Programme

 Retexuring involves the mechanical reworking of an existing surface to improve its frictional skid resistance. In addition to improving road safety, the re-use of the road surface via retexturing considerably reduces the attendant resource and energy consumption in quarrying, processing, laying new road surface and waste disposal.

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A828 Road Closures for September

It is getting hard to keep up with BEAR and their plans, changed plans, new plans and then actions.

Here is an 8 page document telling us the latest ideas to get the areas of road from Ballachulish to Connel fixed over September which includes planned daytime closures and disruption to the A828 at Creagan, Culcharran, and the village.


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