Loch Etive ICMZ – notes

The renewed process to decide the future of Loch Etive has begun.

The following are notes from the previous meetings in 2005, as well as a list of the stakeholders who have been contacted by Argyll and Bute so far.

Ardchattan Observer Posts on this subject are here

Annex 1 – List of management issues identified in 2005 ICZM meetings

1. Shoreline debris (shellfish and finfish)
2. Predator Control (shellfish & finfish)
3. Disturbance to wildlife from aquaculture operations
4. Navigation Issues
5. Conflict with fishing grounds
6. Wild fish and Finfish Aquaculture Interactions (Disease, escapes/containment)
7. Lack of knowledge of migratory routes of wild fish
8. Visual and Biological Capacity of Loch Etive
9. Lack of research data on the environmental effects of aquaculture
Water Quality
1. Management of sewage effluent discharges from Dunbeg, Connel, North Connel and Taynuilt
2. Enforcement of breaches in discharge consents
3. Control of sand blast materials entering loch during the maintenance of Connel Bridge
4. Effect hydroelectric station and Awe barage has on wild fish & salinity of Loch
5. Concerns about high E.coli counts at certain times of the year affecting the Shellfish Growing Water
6. Concerns about untreated sewage going into loch from settlements
7. Change in loch water acidity due to forestry activity
8. Scottish water given planning permission to collect sewage from only 37% of Connel Houses. Pipe planned will not be big enough for whole village when legislation will require full compliance.
1. Concern about trawling and long-lining
Recreation & Tourism
1. Need for safe anchorage & moorings
2. Need to ensure safe navigation for tourist boats & recreational vessels
3. Lack of pleasure craft & yachts
4. Concerns about jet skis – disturbance
5. Protection of sensitive wildlife areas from disturbance from boat/vessel traffic
Coastal Infrastructure
1. Need for improved access to Taynuilt jetty
2. Traffic congestion & parking problems at Airds Bay
3. Concern over housing developments between road and Loch
Natural & Historic Heritage
1. Need for additional mink control to enable more ground nesting birds to breed successfully.
2. Need to protect important biodiversity and historic interests
1. Protection for SAMS research stations
2. Dunstaffnage headland must be kept as clean as possible for the SAMS laboratory experimental studies in lab aquaria

Annex 2 – Current Loch Etive ICZM contact list
Achnacree Fishers
Achnacree Moorings Association
Ardchattan Community Council
Ardchattan Priory
Argyll Charter Boat Association
Argyll District Salmon Fisheries Board
Argyll Fisheries Trust
ASSG/Muckairn Mussels
Black Isle Seafoods
Boat Hire
Celtic Sea
Clyde Fishermen’s Association
Connel Community Council
Dalriada Diving
Dawnfresh Farming Ltd
Dunbeg Community Council
Dunstaffnage Marina
Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory
Ennstone Thistle
Environmental Health (Argyll & Bute Council)
Forera Ltd
Forest Enterprise
Forestry Commission Scotland
Glencoe and Glen Etive Community Council
GRAB Trust
Hebridean Partnership
HIE Highland Council
Historic Scotland
Integrin Advanced Biosystems
Kames Fish Farming
Local Creel Fisherman
Loch Etive Cruises
Mallaig & North West Fishermen’s Association
Marine Scotland
National Kayak School
North Ledaig Caravan Park
Northern Lighthouse Board
Oban Sea Kayak Guides
Ports and Harbour Branch
Rowland Woollven
RYA Scotland
Scottish Association of Marine Science
Scottish Canoe Association
Scottish Environment Protection Agency
Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers
Scottish Natural Heritage
Scottish Seafarms
Scottish Sub Aqua Club
Scottish Water
Scottish Wildlife Trust
Seafreedom Kayak
Taynuilt Boat Hire
Taynuilt Community Council
The Crown Estate
The Marine Resource Initiative Ltd
The Oban Times
Tralee Bay Holidays
West Connel Moorings Association
West Highland Anchorages & Moorings Association

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