Culture, Heritage, Arts assembly in Argyll and Bute

Update July 2014
Dear Culture, Heritage and Arts Assembly member (and potential member)
Following on from the Queens Hall, Dunoon meeting last month the contract with BTS is now at an end and the next stage of the creation of a workable structure to develop the culture, heritage and arts landscape is about to begin. We would like to thank BTS for their hard work on the project. The future success of the Assembly is now down to all of us.
The first steps are to –

  • Increase the awareness of the project. The mailing list currently stands at around 350 which we know is the tip of the iceberg. It’s important that we get as many people on board as possible. Membership is on an individual basis not by organisation. The larger the ‘membership’ the greater the credibility, the sustainability and potential for activity and influence. Please do everything you can to spread the word and get people to complete and submit the ‘contact form’.
  • Create the eight geographic and seven thematic groups. Hopefully with your help this will be complete well before Christmas.
  • To democratically elect a Board from the geographic and thematic groupings.
  • Agree on which legal structure the Assembly should adopt.

The attached information sheet can be returned either by mail or email with your vote. Or you can use Survey Monkey by following the link – : which also appears on the information sheet. You MUST provide your name when voting so we can ensure ‘one person, one vote’. Again, pass this around but please note that in order to vote we must have a completed and submitted ‘contact form’. The closing date for this is the end of August.

So, by next Spring we should have a linked network of those working in the culture, heritage and arts sectors with a democratically elected board within a legally constituted organisation.

Many thanks for your interest and support for the project so far.

Attached are:
Ø Notes of the Culture, Heritage and Arts Assembly meeting held on the 18th June 2014.
Ø The Company structure survey (with the link to Survey Monkey).
Ø The Contact Form (which constitutes ‘membership’ until the final organisation is determined). Please circulate this as widely as possible.
Ø A poster to display.

Please forward this link to others you work with or may be interested in the Cultural Assembly and the health of the culture, heritage and arts sectors in Argyll and Bute.

Kevin Baker
Library and Culture Development Officer
Argyll and Bute Council
Tel: 01631 567978
Realising our potential together

CHARTS poster