Plastic and tin – new recycling bins in Benderloch

plastic and tin recyclling bins at Benderloch

plastic and tin recycling bins at Benderloch

Following a request from a member of our community, to Ardchattan’s new Community Council, passed on to our new local GRAB (Group for Recycling in Argyll and Bute) officer, Caroline Askew, we now have sparkling new bins in the Benderloch turning circle for recycling tins and plastic bottles, courtesy of Argyll and Bute Council.

Thanks to all for their great service and speed in responding to this request.

Lets hope that they get plenty of use, with all our community doing their little bit to reduce our local carbon footprint.

BUT – please take care as you drive around the turning circle there, the pot holes are really bad. Sadly this is not an issue that the Community Council can fix, despite all their repeated and strenuous efforts over many years.

We will have to hope that Sustrans start work very soon, on our stage of the cycle track, as this will then become part of their project.

December 5, 2009   Posted in: Benderloch, Environment, Recycling

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