Earn money from domestic renewable energy

Press Release from the Department of Energy and Climate Change : – Cash Rewards for Low Carbon Electricity and Heating

Households and communities who install generating technologies such as small wind turbines and solar panels will from April be entitled to claim payments for the low carbon electricity they produce.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband today announced the feed-in tariff (FITs) levels and also published a blueprint for a similar scheme to be introduced in April 2011 to incentivise low carbon heating technologies. The renewable heat incentive (RHI) will be a world first.

The schemes are designed to bring about a significant increase in the amount of locally produced green energy, as a contribution to the wider shift of the energy mix to low carbon.


  • Feed-in tariff for small scale low carbon electricity finalised for 1 April introduction
  • Power from solar panel could earn ВЈ900, on top of ВЈ140 reduction on household energy bill
  • Blueprint published for world first incentive scheme for renewable heat
  • Tariff levels index linked
  • Micro combined heat and power piloted in the scheme to kickstart the industry in the UK

there is more on the website, and hopefully we can find rather more knowledgeable folks in the parish to explain more of this all in detail. It would be great to have the practicalities of news like this explored so that we can each identify how it relates to us as individuals.

Any volunteers — please step forward. Whether its your hobby or your profession, if you know what you are talking about, you are welcome.

February 1, 2010   Posted in: Community, Funding, Renewable Energy, Transition

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