Loch Etive Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project

Loch Etive Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project
The minutes of the meeting a couple of weeks ago have been posted on the Argyll and Bute website here.

Unfortunately none of the Community council were able to attend, so it would be really good to hear from any Ardchattan people who did, to get the low down on what was said. Minutes are fine but tend to be sparse in details !!

There are 3 more meetings planned in the next few months and then they will be putting a plan together for the marine environment from Ardmucknish Bay round including the entirety of Loch Etive south to Dunstaffnage Bay.
Subject to confirmation of the availability of Connel Village Hall, it is proposed to hold ICZM meetings at this venue from 7 to 9pm, on the following dates;
3 March – Recreation & Tourism workshops, Marine Litter, Policy Zones Boundaries
30 March – Natural Heritage, Historic Interests, Water Quality
20 April – Aquaculture, Fisheries, Commercial Marine Traffic, Marine Renewable Energy

These dates will be confirmed later.

It is vital that all bodies who have any interest in the marine environment, both natural and economic, get involved in this process.
You can learn much more about what the ramifications are by researching the process and outcome of the same journey applied to Loch Fyne. It is clear that they intend to draw on that process and conclusions heavily for Loch Etive.

This is not an insignificant procedure with long lasting and wide ranging consequences to the natural and economic future of, what might be said to be, our most important natural resource.

Please, all those who have relevant knowledge and experience make sure that you share this to the benefit of all, and to ensure that the decisions made for Loch Etive are appropriate for our community’s future.

The first meeting included workshops of the participants, one of which was about the current situation and issues.
The meeting was split into three groups with each undertaking three short workshops. The results are summarised below.
1. Review list of management issues
Each group was asked to review the list of management issues, which had been identified during project meetings in 2005 (see annex 1) and identify any new or out of date issues. The following new management issues were identified:
1. Condition of roads on North and South side of Loch Etive – potholes and lack of passing places;
2. Limited road access (south side);
3. Road access (north side) – not suitable for existing traffic – few passing points
4. Litter issues (tourism & recreation). Litter/aquaculture debris seems to collect at Inverliver Bay;
5. Need for species monitoring and recording;
6. Invasive non native species management – Japanese Knotweed affecting views;
7. Preservation of remote wild upper loch;
8. Resource issue with wild salmon and sea trout being caught by sea anglers;
9. Need speed limit in loch to avoid marine mammal collisions (6 knots recommendation);
10. Access to and car parking at Kelly’s Pier;
11. Marine Renewable Energy possibilities (Falls of Lora), and
12. Overhead Power lines at Bonawe – does this limit recreational boat traffic?

a list of the items flagged up by the previous 2005 meetings can be seen here

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