Sustainability : Waste less

If we can all do something to reduce the waste we produce, we will be making a small step towards a more sustainable community.
It means there is less energy used to make replacements, and less pollution of the environment to get rid of the waste.


  • reduces the waste in the bin, and creates a great source of nutrients for your garden.
  • GRAB can show you where to get great discounted compost bins, and can be found at all sorts of local events giving you guidance as to how to get the best from yours.
  • If you do not want one in your garden, would you support a community composting scheme?

Buy loose

  • if we take few bags in the first place, then we have fewer to get rid of.
  • re-use bags for life, and ones of jute and cloth.


  • Use wind up clocks, torches, radios and toys instead of using batteries


  • Use Farmers Markets, we have one every first and third Thursday of the month, support your local producers.
  • Get clever with recipes, use all the online resources to make up meals with left overs

Repair more

  • one idea behind the Ardchattan business directory is to be able to access help in getting what we need fixed in the local area, by businesses in the local area.
  • If you have skills to repair household items, send in your details.


  • would a car share system work in Ardchattan? Is there anyone out there interested in trying to set one up, we could use a private online forum to organise lifts and so on. For every car that goes to Oban, or Fort William, or Glasgow, with one more person in, is a significant saving to our carbon footprint.


  • have you put yourself on the Mailing Preference service to reduce the amount of paper junk mail you get?


  • Buy concentrates, buy in bulk; there are local agencies supplying high quality concentrated household items, and, maybe, we can create some networks connecting locals interested in bulk purchasing, saving money on volume and shipping, as well as on packaging.

Recycle more

  • In Benderloch you can recycle
    • At Munro’s StoreВ – your batteries
    • At the turning circle
      • textiles
      • different coloured glass
      • cans
      • plastic bottles
  • Moleigh
    • household batteries, car batteries, white goods, children’s recycling corner, green waste, batteries, wood, scrap metal, household furniture, Tetra Pack,
    • as well as glass, paper, cardboard, cans, textiles, engine oil, plastic bottles
  • At the Coop and Tesco’s
    • glass, paper, cardboard, cans, textiles, plastic bottles
    • both take clothing and shoes, with Tesco having bins for Oxfam saleable books and music as well

Other websites to help

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