Energy Awareness Event comes to Benderloch

ALIenergy and Lochnell primary school are coming together to host an Energy Awareness Event.

Lochnell primary pupils throughout the school are actively involved producing displays and games for  the event at the Victory Hall, Benderloch on Friday 19th March, as well as being on hand to help teach others about energy,

There will be stalls and surgeries by ALIenergy about energy conservation, renewable energy, grants, tariffs and other information

There will also be energy displays from other schools, and stalls with experiments to teach children and adults about energy issues.

ALIenergy will be launching their energy bike that has been developed by staff and students at Dunoon Grammar School. The bike will be used to demonstrate the different amounts of energy required by pedalling to power an energy efficient light bulb and an ordinary light bulb. At this event the bike also be used to raise money for Sport Relief. How many miles can we clock up through the day?

There will also be an opportunity to borrow an energy monitor from ALIenergy. This will allow households to monitor their electrical usage, and help to cut down on wasted energy , so saving carbon dioxide emissions, and cutting electricity bills. They are a great way to generate an awareness of electricity use in both children and adults.

The day event to which local schools, Oban High School, community councillors, Argyll and Bute Councillors, the local community and businesses, interest groups and voluntary organisations are being invited will followed by an open evening between 7 and 9pm.

This include a showing at 7.30pm of the film ’The Power of the Community – How Cuba survived peak oil.’

The event will have stalls from Local Origins Rural Network, who run the local food and crafts market,  to show how locally produced and bought food can reduce the carbon footprint. Several members will also be providing teas, coffees and light lunches, using locally made and  sourced produce.

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