Local Development Plan – Ardchattan needs YOU !

What are YOUR personal priorities for the place you live in ?

Argyll and Bute are starting a long period of consultation with us all to find out what we want and need in our local communities. The LDP website is here
If we want them to prioritise the money in the right places for us HERE, we need to tell them what WE want.
If each of us do not get involved, and have our say, then when other villages and parishes get the things we want, or we have things imposed upon us that we do not want, we will have not a leg to stand on.

Introduction : –
a basic intro to the LDP is here –В http://ardchattan.org.uk/news/2010/02/06/local-development-plan-argyll-and-bute-want-your-help/

At this first stage AB Council want to know what the priorities are for Ardchattan : – that is Glen Creran, Barcaldine, Glen Salach, Benderloch, North Connel, Ardchattan, to Bonawe and Glen Etive
It may seem that this is not an important stage for individuals to get involved but that is SO wrong.
NOW is the time for the broad strokes to be put on the canvas of our future for the next decade.
GET INVOLVED — you only have to think about what YOU want, and let the council know through their questionnaire.
I hope that in the next couple of weeks the community council can provide a little bit of help in understanding the issues and break down a bit of jargon and verbage, but we are struggling with it ourselves, so no promises as to how well we will do.

The decisions ABC start to make NOW will influence all the allocations of OUR housing, shopping, business, industry, transport and how they look after OUR built and natural heritage. The feedback YOU, personally, give to this process will affect what gets built where, and what services we have HERE in the future.
Don’t think that you do not have any say, you only don’t if you don’t put in your two pennorth, or, with inflation, that should probably be a pound coins worth !!

In identifying your priorities consider some of the following :

Is your life perfect?
If yes, consider yourself extremely lucky, bottle it and share it please.
If no, then what would make living and working in Ardchattan better for you and for yours?

What do YOU consider important?
What is limiting YOUR basic quality of life?
What is limiting YOUR ability to run a viable, successful business?
What is limiting your ability to fulfill your or your families potential?

What do you want to see happening HERE in the next 5 -10 years to make Ardchattan a more viable economy and community?

What has happened in Ardchattan in the last 5 – 10 – 20 years that you strongly agree with or you strongly disagree with.
Likewise — what has NOT happened in Ardchattan in the same time that you are glad of or that you really wish had.
What was promised but not delivered ?

At this first stage of consultation the council are looking at the broad strokes :

Infrastructure : Roads, water, sewerage, communiciations (broadband),
Natural Environment : threats, strengths,
Business : limits and opportunities
Sustainability : Renewable Energy, Food, Waste
Employment : requirements, barriers
Tourism : Protecting, enhancing, supporting
Affordable Housing : do we have enough? if not how much? where have sites been identified but not fulfilled? where should be next, what other housing do we need,
Transport : ease, what and where
Built Heritage : we have so much history in Ardchattan, are we doing right by it, should we do more?
Community Facilities : what do you want?
Vulnerable members of the parish – young, old, isolated – do we have enough facilities for each, what would you like to see more?

(the more in depth exploration of all these issues is at the end of this year – this is just the very beginning of this process, please keep thinking, and start discussing all these issues within the community, we have a lot of work to do this year to provide the council with direct accurate feedback to create В vibrant economic and sustainable future for our community.)

Having started to think about these questions, the first questionnaire might seem frustratingly limited. But do not despair.
Fill it in with YOUR priorities, and comments.
Then carry on thinking about the ideas you have had. One suggestion is to come back here to share your thoughts with the rest of the community.
We could also set up a more private local online forum, not in full public glare, where you can discuss your ideas with others in the parish to see where we can go with them.
With 1700 folks in this parish, there could be some lively discussions to be had before the council come back to us asking us to declare our more specific ideas about what we should be doing where in our own corner of the world.

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