The Forestry Commission wants to hear from you

Forestry Commission and our community

With Barcaldine Forest on your doorstep, there’s little need to tell the¬†residents of Ardchattan about the heritage of commercial forestry¬†delivered by Forestry Commission Scotland.

These forest were created following the policy of the day to help meet the nations requirement for commercial timber production and while this priority is still there, today these interest are balanced with improving access and recreation opportunities along with improving our forest environments for specific habitats, species as well as for the wider landscape and local communities.

This all sounds fantastic, but what does this actually mean for folk in the Ardchattan area?
Well, Forestry Commission is keen to hear what you as a community (or communities) would be interested in seeing happen in relation to the woodlands and forests in your area, this could be improved access to existing woodlands, the creation of new community woodlands, or exploring ways in which the woodlands and forests could better  support or contribute to local community or business interests, or indeed anything in-between.

What can Forestry Commission do?
Where communities are keen to see things happen on Forestry Commission managed woodlands then there is the potential to engage with Forestry Commission to explore the potential to develop these plans. Where interests involve private woodlands then there is the potential to explore grants through the Scottish Rural Development Programme.

Either way a good starting point would be to contact the local Forestry Commission Development Officer, Tim Barratt, who is happy to discuss and help develop any ideas you may have or come out to visit potential  sites and to look at proposals.

Tim is based in Oban and can be contacted by email at or by phone on 07900 162 213.

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