Oban CHORD meeting – Friday 24th September

Everyone with any interest in what is going to happen to Oban for the next decade, get yourself along to the Corran Halls at 7 pm Friday 24th September.

The council are holding a public meeting to discuss the Short Stay Oban Bay Marine project, as well as the other previously discussed projects, which were rejected in favour of the OBM proposal during the development process over the past few years.

This will be YOUR opportunity to find out what your councillors have been doing, especially as there is still not a copy of the final report, nor are minutes of some of the previous CHORD meetings available on their website.

How and Where any development in Oban happens affects every one of us — jobs, businesses, shops, services – if Oban is going to be left out with no improvements to our economic future, then we all suffer.

There is also the small matter of public accountability of our councillors — whatever you may think about the Oban Bay Marine companies project, you can read the minutes to all the meetings on their website and they have held public meetings at each stage of the process to keep everyone involved.

At least at this meeting there will be a chance for the councillors to let us all know exactly what is going on.

September 17, 2010   Posted in: oban

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