Positive schools meeting this evening (18-11-10)

P1020575Congratulations to all involved, organisers and speakers alike, in the very well attended meeting this evening to air community views on the council proposals to amalgamate the local school to Lochnell.

Every point on which the council tries to prove the case was disproved and discredited. Even the financial option is on shaky ground when one considers how effective the smallest schools have been in raising money in recent years to improve their facilities.

Barcaldine were certainly most prepared, and their impassioned presentation was met with rousing applause. This applause was heard again and again as some of the strongest arguments were then mirrored for the other schools by the parents, past, present and future : great education for the children, superb delivery for the Curriculum for Excellence, quality care across the spectrum of ability of child, active and intense community involvement.

The whole community participated throughout the evening, with the most poignant contributions from the very many young children, whose lives are being turned inside out by this brutal process that certain members of our council seem determined to drag them through.

The new proposals come out tomorrow — a day late — we will have to see what they say. В The chances are they will present a case to close our schools, and give our community the horrendous task of spending the next 6 weeks or months scrabbling to save treasured, functioning, high achieving, and viable centres of our parish. Will Argyll and Bute Council be wishing everyone a Merry Christmas?

In the mean time – if this facility can be useful to our community to raise awareness, share ideas, points of view, news, arrangements and meetings, please just post or email.

If there is anyone who would like to join the editorial team, you are VERY Welcome.

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  1. Terry Donovan - November 19, 2010

    As a parent of three children at Barcaldine Primary school I would like to thank everyone who came along to support all the schools involved at this worrying and very stressful time. It was a very postive meeting with a good exchange of thoughts and ideas, and with a general consensus that no consultations should proceed based on the flawed and inconsistent documents provided by the Council.

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