Oban Airport Business Park : TIFF work to start by September 2015

Very hot off the press is the news that the Lorn Arc TIFF project will start with the Oban Airport Business Park and Airport access Improvements.

Argyll and Bute Councillors decided today (Thursday 22nd January 2015) that this will the first of the 10 projects to be started by September.

Here is some background .. time and priorities have changed.




contact details for businesses wanting to learn about setting up .

Adrian Jackson-Stark
Oban Lorn Arc Regeneration Project Manager
01631 567970

Oban Airport – Existing Access Improvements and¬†Business Park Enablement –
Potential access improvements at the Oban Airport to improve safety and capacity at the site.

РIndicative Cost Р£0.19M
РTIF Investment Р£0.19M
– Timescales ‚Äď 2 to 10 years
The existing airport junction would be changed form a simple T junction to a ghost island junction with associated signage, gateway and landscaping improvements which will improve the visibility of the airport, and the safety of the existing junction.
The works are considered to be relatively low risk road improvement works and the costing includes 20% optimism bias.
The road link and services to enable a new business park to the south of the existing Airport Roundabout. 
РIndicative Cost Р£0.4M
РTIF Investment Р£0.4M
– Timescales ‚Äď 2 to 10 years
The enablement of an area of land on the south east side of the existing airport for business park use is considered to be a means of maximising the use and benefits of the airport facility.
This site is included in the Local Development Plan for business use. There is potential that businesses related to the use of the airport may be attracted but the potential for small scale start up units has also been suggested. The costs within the business case are purely related to the provision of a central spine road and associated utilities which would enable either private sector or supported development of the plots on the site to be progressed.

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