Dawnfresh application for Etive 6

Dawnfresh have put in yet another planning application – this time to extend the NEW site of Etive 6 at Airds Bay, close to Taynuilt by an additional

Reference: 15/02607/MFF Officer: Allocated To Area Office
Telephone: 01546 605518
Ward Details: 20 – Oban North And Lorn
Community Council: Taynuilt Community Council
Proposal: Modification of fish farm from 10 No. 80m circumference cages to 12 No. 80m circumference cages including increase in extent
of mooring area (no increase in biomass).
Location: Sailean Ruadh (Etive 6), Loch Etive , Argyll And Bute
Applicant: Dawnfresh Farming Limited, Bothwellpark Industrial Estate, Uddington, Lanarkshire, G71 6LS
Development Type: 08B – Marine Finfish Farming – Local
Grid Ref: 198346 – 734166

This is the application that so many of our community fought so hard against, triggering a public planning meeting, where none of the concerns raised by the community were taken into account at all, by Argyll and Bute Council.

This application will be discussed at the Ardchattan Community Council meeting in Benderloch on the 10th of December (at the Campbell Memorial Hall behind the church) 

discussion and notes below 

This application is not

1 – ethical
2 – sustainable
3 – investing locally
4 – supporting other local businesses
5 – viable
6 – community minded
7 – environmentally responsible
  1. Dawnfresh told us this site was a viable size at 10 cages, now it needs 2 more !
  2. there are no new jobs being promised, and the increasing number of automated barges mean that once the farms are established there are likely to be fewer jobs again.
  3. they wanted 14 LARGER cages here in the first place, then reduced it to 10 smaller ones .. this takes it back up to 12 .. when will they be demanding the next two and the larger size?
  4. There has been a plethora of applications up and down the loch .. some of which have been withdrawn, only to re-appear.. all very confusing and yet more evidence that the company plan is confused and ill founded.
  5. There was NO support for wholesale fishfarm expansion throughout the detailed and extended process of developing the Loch Etive ICZM which Dawnfresh dismissed entirely as being unworthy of their involvement, both during the process and in public meetings afterwards. (in hindsight we should have worded the paragraph about Finfish farming far stronger, but this threat was not on the radar at the time)
  6. 80% of the supportive contributions to the application are simply copies of something that one might suggest the company has sent out .. and nearly all are from places outwith our community
  7. None of the fish from Loch Etive are directly available to our local fishmongers – they have to go to the East Coast first !
  8. These fish are not to feed ourselves, but to be exported thousands of miles around the globe, with a brand that is trading on our stunning environment, yet with very little community benefit
  9. Exports are important to the Scottish Economy but should not be at the expense of our local economy, or local environment
  10. Dawnfresh employ hundreds of people – but only a couple of dozen in our community. The main benefit for their operation goes into Uddingston.
  11. Dawnfresh as a company continues to lose money year on year – this business is not sustainable
  12. The company does provide trade for a few local businesses, but in value to our economy it is less than the fishermen who come to the loch each year, or the trade that is generated by the Oban Winter Festival.
  13. Dawnfresh employees have said at public meetings that it is their plan to have at least the current Marine Scotland recommended maximum biomass volume in Loch Etive of 7500 tonnes .. and will then want to push that further..
  14. SEPA continue to have issues with the practises at Dawnfresh fish farms
  15. Dawnfresh told us all that the advantage of Loch Etive is the brackish water means there is no need for sea lice treatment, yet have already put in an application for doing exactly that in the most brackish area above Bonawe.
  16. The feed pollution has been directly observed .. with wild fish being caught with gullets full of it.. so the knock on effects in the wild ecology is already a serious concern.
  17. This business is not viable .. not until there are at least 5 sites the size of Etive 6, or bigger..
  18. Dawnfresh have made no effort to put anything into our community, there is no trust fund, no community charitable activity. They have consistently and persistently lied to us. There is every reason to believe that they will continue to exploit our environment and community with little or no regard for the consequences.
  19. There are so many ways Trout farming could be sustainable for our local community – and generate the profits, exports and economic benefits we so desperately need. Dawnfresh has no intention to fulfil any that bring resilience to the Loch Etive communities. The potential for long term significant damage to the other economic activities and to the environment is too high a risk to take.
  20. Yes we need jobs in our local area, but not at any cost.

Links of interest

Friends of Loch Etive current objection – http://www.lochetive.org/pdfs/Etive_6_FoLE_Objection.pdf

Here are some notes from the public meetings we had when we were fighting this application last time
you can see some of the applications that have been made by Dawnfresh (those available on the ABC website)


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