Temporary Tidal Turbine trial in Loch Etive September 2017

Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd is planning to site a floating tidal energy platform for 4-6wks in Loch Etive at Connel to test the equipment. This will not be connected to cables, nor is it to assess the loch, the eventual location equipment is for use elsewhere.

John McGlynn will be at Connel Community Council on the 30th May, after the AGM starting at 7.30pm, Connel Hall,В  to give a talk about the trial.

Information from the company, and want to work closely with the local community to identify any impacts that the project might have on, and figure out how these can be mitigated :

PLAT-I is a floating trimaran (three hulled vessel) which has turbines suspended underneath. These turbines spin with the incoming tidal flow and generate power. The platform is moored to the seabed using four mooring lines and anchors. The platform then rotates about the moorings with the wind and tide – like a boat.

We are intending to moor PLAT-I for a month, in September 2017. We will have some operations for a couple of weeks before and after this, for installation and decommissioning. For this test we will not be exporting this power, so the platform is entirely self-contained; there will be no cables linking PLAT-I to the shore.

The test period will be short and we hope to cause as little impact as possible. We are very keen to work with other users of the area, such as yourself, to this end. The proposed site is to the SE of Connel Airport, as shown on the screenshot below. There is also an image of the PLAT-I platform.

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