There are lots of good ideas out there to make our parish a even better place to live, work and visit.

It is very likely that your good idea is also shared by others, but you have just not had a chance to make the connection yet. It is also probable that there are people in the community who could help make your good idea come to fruition, if only we could get over the communication problems.

How about we make a start here ?

  • Benderloch Playground
  • Social Club for Ardchattan Parish at Victory Hall, Benderloch
  • Local & Social History Centre
  • Skills and Training available in each village : parenting, literacy, IT, creative, business …….
  • Village Entrance Improvement
  • Sustrans route interpretation
  • In Transition
  • Community Composting
  • Improved Access routes to, and information about, sites of interest in parish – Ben Lora, Beregonium, Chambered Cairns …..
  • Renewable Energy schemes to earn income for parish
  • Keep Ardchattan Tidy
  • Community Open Days on specific topics for help and advice
  • Local Natural History Group
  • Local Archeaological Group

What is your good idea?

Do you like any of the above?

What would you like to do about making something happen in Ardchattan?

2 Responses

  1. Sarah Black - September 18, 2016

    I may be replying to this way too late, because I can’t find a date when this list was posted. However, I do think the idea of a social group at the hall is an excellent idea, and would be willing to get involved in making it happen if anyone else is interested too.

  2. editor - September 18, 2016

    hi Sarah .. suggestions are never too late – and could be perfectly timed. The Bookends festival next week will be creating a lovely new space in the hall, which might be an inspiration for new uses and gatherings.
    The Parish Archive is just about to get active again too, as is a Knit (&spin) and Natter locally.. its a good time.

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